Why Costa Rica Real Estate and Investing

Costa Rica is world renowned for its sport fishing, tropical rain forest, canopy tours, volcanoes, surfing, white water rafting and not to mention its great night life (casinos, restaurants, night clubs) Major hotel chains have built or are building hotels and beach resorts here, including such luminaries as HILTON CORAL, MARRIOTT, JW MARRIOTT, BARCELO, FOUR SEASONS, HYATT, RITZ CARLTON, CLUB MED, HOLIDAY INN, RADISSON, BARCELO MELIA, INTERCONTINENTAL AND BEST WESTERN just to name a few. In fact major beach front and beach side developments, marinas and golf courses are under construction or are finished on the Central and Northern Pacific Coasts (Guanacaste). To understand this boom all you have to do is come and experience Costa Rica's pleasant year round climate, see its beautiful lush green mountains and enjoy one of its many pristine beaches.

Costa Rica's Real Estate Boom

The U.S. National Association of Realtors says Americans are buying second homes in record numbers, thereby driving up the cost of vacation homes everywhere in the United States. In fact a recent newspaper article stated that one in every seven people in the United States now lives in an area bordering the coast.

The simple fact is that almost every bit of coastline property world wide is becoming overcrowded and overpriced. This scarcity has contributed to a high level of interest in Costa Rica because it is still very cheap in comparison to the world market.

Coastal real estate values in North America, Europe and Asia have reached epic proportion pricing most buyers out of the market. You now have Americans and Europeans buying Costa Rican property in record numbers. This movement of property in Costa Rica is very similar to what happened in California and Hawaii 30 years ago. The exposure that Costa Rica has received over the last decade has exploded. As in any situation with demand outpacing supply the results are always higher prices. Imagine the ability to position yourself before the next real estate boom. If you are a visionary we believe Costa Rica real estate has a lot of similarity to property values 30 years ago in the U.S., offering an investor the perfect balance of low risk and high potential reward at affordable pricing. Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.

Who Comes to Costa Rica?

Intel, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble...

The beauty of this opportunity is synonymous to adding paint to a blank canvas. Well funded international corporations continue to expand and create high paying jobs by adding infrastructure to the surrounding area, resulting in a priceless work of art. Costa Rica has everything that a sophisticated, international investor needs in a global financial center.

It's a beautiful, stable and peaceful country with good privacy laws, and hard working, qualified professionals who will ensure that your assets are protected. Intel has a sizable operation here in Costa Rica and contributes a very significant amount to the gross domestic product of the country.

No doubt Intel considered carefully their decision to start operations in Costa Rica. Many other multinational companies such as Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Lucent and Bristol Myers have taken advantage of the Costa Rican IT level. In that regard, companies like Abbott Labs, Chiquita Brands, Esso, Texaco, 3M, UPS, DHL, Gillette, Warner Lambert, Xerox, Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Sherwin Williams, Sony Music, Pfizer, Kimberly Clark,Manpower, Dole Fresh Fruit, Colgate Palmolive, LL Bean, Alcatel, BASF, KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Deloitte & Touche, 3-Com, Motorola, Oracle, Perkins Elmer, Western Union, Unisys and Cisco Systems have made huge investments in Costa Rica.

It is estimated that non Costa Rican companies invested over US$600 million in Costa Rica just in the year 2000 alone. Just as Intel carefully considered their decision to invest in Costa Rica, so should you. So keep in mind — as these large corporations increase the purchasing power of the local consumer thru well paying jobs, demand for real estate will increase.

Living Conditions

It is widely known that Americans have flocked to Costa Rica for vacations and to live as expatriates since the 1960's. But did you know that the European population, from the German and Italian communities, have come to this little slice of paradise for years? It is not uncommon to hear their languages spoken easily in the restaurants and bistros located throughout Costa Rica. This in turn has given Costa Rica a distinct flavor as a melting pot of cultures. These expatriates, as they are called, who have made Costa Rica their new home enjoy an enhanced quality of life that includes:

  • Excellent MEDICAL CARE with an average life span of almost 80 years.
  • PEACEFUL democratic country for over 50 years.
  • ENGLISH is the second language, spoken by over half the population.
  • All the MODERN conveniences of home while feeling you are a world away.
  • Climate (average temperature 27C / 82F).
  • Beautiful AFFORDABLE real estate with LOW tax rates.
  • Unlimited business OPPORTUNITIES with a government eager to attract foreign investors.
  • CONVENIENT location to the U.S. and Canada.
  • Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.

Business Environment

According to a 2003 study by the MIAMI HERALD and FORTUNE MAGAZINE:

COSTA RICA was the 27th safest country for investments of 140 countries surveyed (the U.S. was ranked 22nd) San Jose (capital of Costa Rica) ranked as the 5th best city in which to do business in 2004, the amount of visitors topped 1.4 million, which means compared to 2003 an increase of 18% to 20% this year while total exports increased by 2.17%.

Other benefits include:

  • Legal guarantees, predictability and economic freedom.
  • Preferential access to important markets.
  • Attractive tax incentives.
  • Good complement of major foreign companies.
  • Worldwide telecommunications services.
  • Favorable government attitude towards foreign investment, free enterprise, and free trade.
  • Excellent investment incentives especially in free zones.
  • Excellent living standards and the world's best climate.
  • No army
  • Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.

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