A One-Stop-Shop for Home Buyers

Expo-Casa features favorable terms for

House For Sale: ExpoCasa presents a slew of options for prospective home buyers until Sunday, August 8. Visit and see what’s being offered.


Expo-Casa features

favorable terms for

home mortgages

By Adam Williams

Tico Times Staff

Everything related to homes, condos,

apartments, and lots can be found at Expo-Casa,

Costa Rica’s national housing expo, which

kicked off Wednesday at the Centro de Eventos

Pedregal in San Antonio de Belén in Heredia.

The expo runs through Sunday evening and

features 258 stands with information about

renting or owning a home or property, financing

a home, and home design and décor.

Of those stands, 12 are occupied by

national banks and finance companies, all of

which are offering special low interest rates

to attract buyers.

“We’ve seen the housing market slowly

start to come back,” said Max Bolaños, supervisor

of mortgage credit at Banco Costa Rica

(BCR). “The economy is getting a little better

and we are hoping to meet the needs of

interested buyers by lowering interest rates

and helping them take on mortgage payments

a little more easily.”

The banks each offer their own financing

plans with different interest rate scales (see

box) and most will finance up to 80 percent

of the property value. Each bank is offering

its own variety of incentives, with packages

that include eliminating lawyer fees, waiving

commissions, offering cable and Internet

packages, and consolidating existing debts.

In addition to the financial offerings on

display, many of ExpoCasa’s stands are decorated

with condo, resort and home design

models. Dozens of condominium, apartment

and development companies are on hand to

provide guests a glimpse of possible home,

floor plan, pool and view options for visitors

interested in a purchase. Condominium and

housing developments from around the country

are offering living options in the Central

Valley as well as mountain and beach climates.

Jason Alvarado, expo spokesman, said

that home prices on offer range from $49,000

to $560,000.

“The reason ExpoCasa has always been

so helpful for visitors is that it allows them

to take care of many of the steps involved in

buying a house or property in the same place,”

Alvarado said. “It makes the entire process of

becoming a home owner much easier.”

Around 14,000 people are expected to

visit ExpoCasa during the 5-day event. awilliams@ticotimes.net

Bank Offerings at ExpoCasa



* Fixed 6.75 percent interest rate in dollars for first three years

* In colones, a variable rate starting at 16.25 percent is offered

for a 25-year loan

* Offers “Switching” to consolidate debts at 8.5 percent interest

in dollars for five years

Kattia Picado, 2296-2722,


Yahaira Barquero, 2296-2722,



Banco de Costa Rica (BCR)

* Loans offered with variable, staggered and fixed interest rates

* 25-year mortgages

* Offer runs through Oct. 30

* No attorney’s fees

* Debt consolidation offered

For more information visit www.bancobcr.com, call 2284-

6600, 2287-9000, or e-mail ServiciosBancaElectronica@



Banco Popular

* Loan of $300,000 carries 7 percent interest rate over 20 years

* Financing for 80 percent of property value

* No commissions

Vilma Mejías, 2211-7397, vmejias@bp.fi.cr

Cristian Vega, 2211-7139, cvega@bp.fi.cr


* Home loans range from $60,000 to $400,000

* Financing for 80 percent of property value

* Monthly payment cannot exceed 30 percent of family income

For more information visit www.bacsanjose.com or call



Banco Nacional

* 7 percent fixed interest rate for first three years, 7.25

percent for the next two, and a variable rate over the

remaining 15 years

* 70 percent of property value assessment fees

* 50 percent of cost for Cable Tica for a year

* Two months free Internet

* Free mortgage calculator available at www.bnonline.fi.cr/


For more information, contact: Amalia Palacino,

2212-2920, apalacino@bncr.fi.cr


Grupo Mutual

* A range of loan plans

* Debt consolidation

* Offers run through Oct. 31

For more information visit www.grupomutual.fi.cr

or call 2437-1000


Banco Lafise

* 25-year fixed interest rate

* 1 percent commission costs

* 25-year mortgage covering 80 percent of property value

* Also offers variable rates and lot financing

Sergio Calderón, 2246-0800

x748, scalderon@lafise.fi.cr