Frequent Questions

Have the streets, water and electricity already been installed? Yes, we have installed all the roads, utilities and water for the entire first phase of the project. All lots are ready to be built on and the utilities connected. This is not the situation on most other similar projects here in Costa Rica.

Have the lots been legally segregated and ready for sale? Yes, and this is a very good question. There are many Governmental Departments involved in making a housing development in Costa Rica. MINAE, I.N.V.U., SETENA and the local municipalities are the government organizations in charge of overseeing development projects like Grand View Estates. Without their approval it is illegal to sub-divide your land into parcels and have a development. Once you have their approval you can start the segregation of the land according to the governing laws of these institutions. Unlike most other developments, we will provide a “Plano” to your property that will include a stamp of approval from all departments needed to make a legal sale here in Costa Rica. Recent articles in the Tico Times that I’m quoting have put the number of illegal (without proper permits) developments as high as 80% in the Guanacaste area.

What does the tour cost? There is no cost for our tour service of picking you up from your hotel and showing you around the development, buildings and beach. Tour reservations will be coordinated with you once we have a signed an Option to Purchase Agreement with us.

Are you selling anything other than lots? Any construction? Definitely. GVE is a full service developer in Costa Rica. We're currently doing residential and commercial projects in Costa Rica. We have all the Architects and Engineers ready in CR. Clients can have plans made in the states but MUST bring the AutoCAD file of the plans with them to CR and have them converted into Spanish, meters and other details before they can go to the Engineering department for approval. We will also be offering model homes and pricing on the “Construction” link of our website very soon.

Is there a time period that’s necessary to build on the property? Yes, the time period for building on your lot is 5 years from the time of signing your contract. What type of penalties will be imposed if the 5-year time period has lapsed? There is a Board of Directors representing the Bylaws of the community. The board members are the ones that make the governing decisions and decide what will or will not happen at the time of a problem. I'm not an attorney here in CR, but I am currently the President representing the Board of Directors on the rules and regulations of the development. If the owners are paying maintenance fees and taking care of their property (not putting trash on it, etc…) on a regular basis it would be hard to impose any kind of restrictions at this time, especially if the owner is not using the lot for anything other than what the development was based upon. The rules are simply put in place to protect the development and neighbors so that it doesn't turn into a trailer park or land that will be used for storage or anything other than a housing community. As time goes on and the Board may make changes to the rules and regulations, I would imagine there will be voting on what's going to change or not change. What I can tell you is that there will be no type of penalties or restrictions for the next 5 years on your lot from the time of purchase, as long as the Rules and Regulations of the community are followed. If after 5 years there was to be some type of penalty, the harshest penalty I could assume would be the loss of all rights to the "Common Grounds" (the Community Pool center, Security, Trash, Gardening, etc....). But if a person is not using their property in an improper fashion or it's not an eye sore for the rest of the community, I can't see the Board doing anything. My hopes are that the community will be one family and everyone will know everyone. Can the closing costs be rolled into the loan amount?  This depends on if you plan on putting more than 35% down on the property. If so, we will include closing costs into the purchase price of the property. How much are the complete closing costs on purchasing? Including Stewart Title Insurance on the property, the costs are approximately 4% of the sale price. A break down of these fees can be found on our website or by clicking here Closing and Transfer costs.

What are the property taxes like?  Property Taxes are approximately $15.00 (fifteen) annually. They are paid at the local municipalities of Siquirres and if you miss a year or two, it's not a problem. The law says you need to pay your taxes yearly, but most people here pay when it's good and convenient for them. In other words the local municipalities are very relaxed when it comes to these things.  Are there any monthly or Yearly HOA fees?  Yes, HOA fees will start June 1st, 2007. The fee is $50.00 a month. If you have a house built on the property the cost goes up to $125.00 a month. Click here for a copy of the CCR's for the project http://www.gvecr.com/en/ccnr.php I have heard that there is a big problem with squatters settling on people's land and eventually taking the land over.  How can we be guaranteed that we will have no one settling on the land since we live outside of Costa Rica?  Generally squatting issues are on "Concession" land and not on "Titled" property. This being because concession land which makes up approximately 98% of all Coastal property in Costa Rica and is owned by the government, not the people. Concession is basically a lease of land from the government and it makes it very easy for anyone to come in and make claim to property, (squatting) that is not being taken care of or one is has not paid taxes on for the past 7 years. In the case of Grand View Estates, being a private gated community with 100% titled property and 24 hour security. It's quite impossible to have any type of squatter situation. Impossible. I have been to CR more than two times and am familiar with this area.  Do I have to take the tour before purchasing?  NO, we've arranged where clients can talk directly with our attorneys here in Costa Rica to make their property purchases abroad without coming back to Costa Rica. However, the next time that you come back to Costa Rica you will need to pass by the attorney’s office and sign the same documents again to finalize the purchase according to C.R. Law.  Do you know what the government requirements are for US citizen’s maximum length of stay in the country?  US citizens that enter under normal conditions have 90 days maximum to stay in the country. There are several programs in place to obtain temporary residency so that one doesn't have to leave the country at all. If you are a NON - U.S. resident you would need to check with the Costa Rican consulate to be sure of what conditions or restrictions apply to you. What are the restrictions to building a house if we choose not to go with the models offered?  This is described in detail and indicated in Chapter Three of the CCR and Bylaws http://www.gvecr.com/en/ccnr.php 

Are any of the lots in a Flood Zone? Absolutely not, not one of the lots in the project are in any type of flood hazard, even if a tsunami hit we wouldn’t have flooding in the project. The average elevation is around 1000 feet and all the lots are partially slopped with all the proper drainages already in place.

Construction process, design, costs, modifications, warranty? The construction process is entirely up to the client on who they wish to use on overseeing or building there dream home project. The model homes that we have listed are offered to give you an idea of what we have available as a fully customizable design for a house on GVE. The prices we have quoted are for turn key construction of the house, complete with supervision until the project is finished. It does not cover the costs associated with grading (depending on home, location and project), landscaping or any additions that you might want to add on the house. The Architectural plans of the homes are fully customizable to the owners specifications. Of course depending on what changes are made to size, materials, fountains, etc. this might affect the price and can only be determined during the design process. Our home construction comes complete with a 1 year limited warranty on construction and materials.

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