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Grand View Estates - Costa Rica Real Estate
An Eco friendly Equestrian community in the hills of Costa Rica, with spectacular Caribbean Ocean and Mountain views. Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate

Welcome to Costa Rica...a country of exuberant tropical splendor.
A nation of peace and great democratic tradition.
Come and experience the best of life!



Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate Company is located on the Carribean Costa Rica in one of the most the capital city of this beautiful parts of the country. We are a group of professionals whose main goal is to provide you with clear insight into the meaning of investment and purchasing real estate in Costa Rica.


About Grand View Estates Costa Rica

   Grand View Estates, the largest most expansive development on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Obviously by now you’ve heard all about Costa Rica Real Estate, the adventures, beautiful nature and great investments opportunities available. Grand View Estates is a premier housing development sponsored by International Living magazine and perfectly situated on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica that is fast becoming one of the hottest places to invest in Costa Rica. We have sold out our first phase and are currently selling phase 2 and 3 of our project. Lots range in size from 1 to 5 acres and have spectacular ocean, mountain and valley views. The project is situated on over 640 acres of gently sloping hills, Virgin rain forest, 5 private rivers, 2 waterfalls and the entire wildlife one could imagine from Macaws nesting in the treetops to Monkeys howling in the evenings. All lots for sale on the development have been chosen to have maximum privacy while offering spectacular views of the Caribbean Ocean, Rain Forests and Mountains. We are also offering accommodations, indoor riding and training for horses on other parts of the ranch as part of the development package and living enjoyment. Grand View Estates of Costa Rica allows you all the conveniences of home, with many beautiful beaches nearby, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, warm climate, nature and relaxing all at your finger tips... Read more about the Caribbean Province here. Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.


Location and Lots



Grand View Estates has 4 phases to the project - The first phase consists of 17 spacious lots, ranging in size from 1 to 5 acres. Each lot offers captivating views of the Caribbean Ocean, Mountains and Valley views below. The lot you select in the Estates will determine many things about your place to relax and renew. Specifically the size and style of the dream home you want to build. Take the time to consider and think what is most important to you and your family. Each and every lot also offers you the opportunity to start with a "blank slate" and create something that others can only wish for and envy. Costa Rica Real Estate, come enjoy the peace that life has to offer with me (the owner) on the development... Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.


The property is located only 1.5 hours East from San Jose on the main HWY (32) to Siquirres in a city called Cimarrones, 13 kilometers east of Siquirres, conveniently 30 minutes from the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the Limon International airport. Click here for location maps.



Amenities and Services of Grand View Estates

* 1 to 5 acre lots

* Swimming Pool and Recreation area

* Gymnasium

* Privately gated entrance community

* 100% Title Guarantee - From Stewart Title Insurance

* 10% deposit Down to hold the lots

* Financing available - Click here for information

* 24 Hour Security

* Elevations from 900 to 1300 feet, always fresh ocean breezes

* Horse Stables

* Miles of internal hiking and horse trails - Over 640 acres

* Gardening Services

* Electricity

* Water

* Telephone

* Direct TV

* Internet access


Don’t wait to buy land here…Buy land here and wait! Costa Rica Real Estate and the Caribbean, don't be left behind.



We are a proven resource for Real Estate in Costa Rica. Our expertise covers a wide real estate collection in ideal locations for living, retiring or investing in Costa Rica. Our real estate inventory features a special assortment of: Costa Rica beach properties, upscale residential homes for sale, condos, investment real estate, farms, mountain properties and vacation rentals.

We understand that relocating or purchasing a vacation property is not an easy job. Moving to Costa Rica and doing business abroad requires a lot of research and reliance upon the company you may be using. We provide you with trustworthy Costa Rica real estate assistance on every step of this process.

Properties in Costa Rica main goal lies in leading you to a successful real estate transaction. We can help you get the Costa Rica real estate property or investment of your dreams.

Our real estate listing in the Central Valley combine desirable locations in West and East San Jose such as Escazu, Santa Ana, Rohrmoser, Sabana, Sabanilla, Montes de Oca and Moravia among others.

You will also find attractive real estate properties in the Central Valley provinces of Heredia and Alajuela, where locations such as la Garita and la Guacima are very appealing because of their wonderful weather, nearby facilities, very nice neighborhoods, farms and homes.

Additionally, we provide you with real estate services in both, the Pacific and Caribbean beaches and coastal regions of Costa Rica. Find your vacation home in the beach and smart investment opportunities close to the ocean. We offer quality real estate for sale in Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Manuel Antonio, Dominical and other special locations outside the Central Valley.

Costa Rica is a world known destination for vacation, investment and retirement. Costa Rica's beauty goes beyond paradisiacal beaches, magnificent mountains and great weather year around... it's major beauty lies in its people. Costa Ricans are worldwide recognized for being authentically friendly and helpful people. It seems like Costa Rican ancient democracry and peace is deeply interiorized in its culture and the idiosyncrasy of its people. Adding all this elements into an equation, the natural result is expected: Costa Rica is the hottest destination in the Americas... and therefore, real estate in Costa Rica is booming!

Properties in Costa Rica team will do every effort to provide you with the best service. Our main goal is to serve our customers with high respect and professionalism. Our expertise can guide you in a lot of different issues related to your real estate purchase. Our valuable experience and contacts will make you feel comfortable since your first communication. We will listen carefully to your needs and work hard in helping you achieve your real estate goals. Wether you are looking to relocate to Costa Rica and find a piece of Real Estate in this beautiful country, or you are just looking for a high yield investment, Properties in Costa Rica is the secure gateway to Costa Rica Real Estate.

Properties in Costa Rica was founded in 1999 by Arturo Guzman, a visionary and passionate Real Estate professional who has been deeply involved ever since in the overall development of the Real Estate market in Costa Rica. Through all these years, Arturo's and the Company's main concern has been to operate under high ethical standards and transparency in all organizational levels. Properties in Costa Rica really cares about the relationship with our customers. We are a leading and successful Costa Rican Real Estate Company thanks to you, our most appreciated clients, so we will always protect your interests above all. Thanks for your trust, loyalty and for being our best reference!

Costa Rica is a wonderful, peaceful and stable country, experience life at it's best!

Properties in Costa Rica always wants to keep an open line of communication with you! Feel free to call our Toll Free Phone Line for personal Real Estate information assistance. We also invite you to visit our Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate Blog for news, interesting real estate articles , customer comments, testimonials and more... We invite you to take a tour of our multiple listing service, browse our up-to-the-minute quality real estate listings, and request any information you may require. Send us an e-mail for a fast response, or just fill out our information request form


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| Living in Costa Rica | Property in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Land for Sale |
| Buying Overseas Property | Costa Rica Property | Costa Rica Land Investment |
| Double Digit Annual Profits | Make Huge Profits | Retirement Financial Planning |
| Building Wealth | Mutual Fund Alternatives | Making Money Fast |
| The Best Investment | Buying Overseas Vacation Homes | Investments |