Costa Rica Cost of Living and Health care

The chart below represents the monthly average Cost of Living expenses we're experiencing here at Grand View Estates. These are real numbers taken from our own living expenses. Numbers below include a Housekeeper and Gardener, making life that much more enjoyable.

Housing ( house paid for—HOA fee $125-Prop tax  $15)


Utilities (electricity, gas, water)


Household help (housekeeper and gardener three days a week)




Maintenance and fuel for one car


Entertainment (dining out and other activities)

$ ??

Health care


Incidentals (clothes, household items, etc.)


Communication: phone, internet, cable TV


 Health Insurance (full coverage)


Monthly total:



     Costa Rica's Great Health Care


  World Health Organization rated Costa Rica higher than the US., Panama and Nicaragua.

  Costa Rica is rated to have a longer life expectancy than the U.S.

100% of the population has access to medical coverage

  Can select both public and private coverage.

    ( U.S. monthly cost approx $800 Costa Rican cost only $800 per YEAR.)

•  No refusal for expensive procedures and no refusal for pre-existing conditions.



To find out more in depth details about specific health care and Costs of Living please click here and send us an e-mail. We'll be happy to provide answers to any and all questions.