Caribbean Coast and Real Estate Tour






Your Ticket to Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast


They call it the forgotten coast because this part of Costa Rica is still a secret to most of the outside world. It’s the country’s least discovered and most unexplored region. Many Costa Ricans themselves have never visited this coast. Everyone focuses on the capital city, San Jose, while tourists flock to the country’s Pacific coast.


But this place is stunningly beautiful. It has first-class beaches and affordable property prices. It’s also surprisingly easy to reach and is under a 2 hour journey from San José on a new, modern highway.     


Unlike the Pacific Coast, the Costa Rican Caribbean enjoys year-round nice weather and does not have a 6 month wet and 6 month dry season. So instead of a dry, dusty environment, you’ll find lush green tropical forests, tumbling rivers, and abundant tropical wildlife.


Tortuguero National Park and Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge—the two parks on the coast’s northern reaches—are excellent destinations for adventurers and eco-travelers. The sea turtles that nest here are of particular interest. To the south, Cahuita National Park is another popular national park, set up to preserve 494 acres of coral reef.



The wildlife is spectacular here



Gill Phelan, is the developer of the Grand View Estates community in this area. It’s a first-class residential project. He’s looking forward to showing you around.


By joining his three-day tour, you will not only get to try out life on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica—but you will also see real estate opportunities first-hand.


The cost of the trip is $299 per person—and this includes two nights’ accommodation, a bus tour of the Grand View project and a number of meals. All you have to do is arrive at the Hotel Bougainvillea in Santo Domingo at the agreed time on the Friday of the tour and Gill and his team will look after you from there.


The Hotel Bougainvillea is a short journey or just 20 minutes from the airport at Santo Domingo. It has ten acres of the most beautiful gardens in Heredia, Costa Rica. You can relax and unwind at the hotel on Friday night and settle in ahead of your special tour. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is included with your stay.


On the second night, attendees will be staying at the fabulous Earth University Hotel. Staying here will give guests a rare opportunity to experience the flora and fauna of Costa Rica up close.


Your Itinerary


All you have to do is arrive at the Hotel Bougainvillea in Santo Domingo at the agreed time. Gill and his team will meet you in the hotel on Saturday morning and take you on a special scouting tour.


Details of your itinerary include:


·         After arriving in the Hotel Bougainvillea in Santo Domingo on Friday, you have the night to relax

·         Group breakfast on Saturday morning with a local architect and attorney who will answer any questions you may have

·         Bus leaves for Grand View Estates on Saturday after breakfast

·         The tour will include viewings of existing homes and lots and a group lunch

·         Attendees will stay in the Earth University Hotel on Saturday night

·         On Sunday morning, attendees can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and some free time to tour the beautiful grounds.

·         There will be another stop to Grand View Estates on Sunday and a tour of  the local  town of Siquirres to give attendees a feel for life on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side

·         The group will be dropped off back at the Hotel Bougainvillea on Sunday

·         You may then continue on from there to the airport or to your next hotel.



The trip will have a laid-back vibe and you will able to enjoy the company of other like-minded folks.  It’s a good opportunity to swap stories on real estate investments and shoot the breeze on what you will see in Costa Rica.


What Your Dollar Can Buy at Grand View Estates


If you are impressed by what you see at Grand View Estates and decide to buy a lot, of course the cost of your scouting trip will be deducted off any real estate purchase.


Take these two lots for example:


*A 1.39-acre lot with stream frontage lists for $90,208.


*A 1.36-acre lot with stream frontage lists for $88,192 




During your tour of Grand View Estates, you will see custom-built homes such as this:




Financing is available on special terms for those who purchase lots.


Gill will be able to discuss this with you during the tour. This is an excellent opportunity to explore and undervalued area of Costa Rica. I’d strongly advise you to contact Gill today by emailing gillphelan@gvecr.com to reserve your spot on this special trip.